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#LiveAtKlaus | Deredia - Hari Lebaran

#LiveAtKlaus | Deredia – Hari Lebaran


Halo teman-teman semua! Siapa yang sudah tonton video klip terbaru kami? Yang belum, yuk tonton disini! https://youtu.be/hFe1MBt6X8s


Bhinneka itu biasa, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika itu LUAR BIASA!”

Deredia interprets popular regional songs as a sign of Indonesia’s pluralism and at the same time becomes a spirit of unity that will never disappear from the life of the nation.

We present you with a song by Ismail Marzuki to celebrate Eid. An old song from the old day. This song was recorded in 1954 by Lima Seirama and then followed up by many musicians. One of them is Didi & DBP Mascan Quartet. The last part of the song is very interesting because it is still relevant nowadays.

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Thanks For Watching The Video! 🙂

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