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Sinopsis Film As It Burns (2024)

As It Burns

Kilasan Singkat

An explosion takes place in an apartment late at night, with a charred body of a woman found on spot. Her name is Yin Ching. A woman called Lam Yam looks surprisingly similar to the deceased Ching, except that her temperament and background have no connections. But they happened to fall in love with the same man Lou Lou. Though it seems to be an accident, there is a romance behind with mixed feelings spanning over a decade. Ching and Lou were childhood friends, but Lou accidentally killed her mother more than ten years ago. The mortal sin being unexposed, fate made them break apart. Over a decade later, Ching met Lou again in the city. Ching finds Lou’s girlfriend Lam Yam has a striking resemblance to her. That inspires Ching to start her plan… After Ching was killed, Lou starts to notice something unusual with Yam, with a familiar but strange feeling.

  1. Lee Po-Cheung


  2. Lui Koon-Nam


Judul Asli 白晝如焚

Status Rilis

Bahasa Ucapan Cantonese