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Sinopsis Film My Worst Neighbor (2023)

My Worst Neighbor

A fresh kind wall romance

Kilasan Singkat

Seung-jin, who is preparing for an audition to pursue his ambition of becoming a singer, moves into a new studio apartment. On the first night, as he just started to settle in, he hears a woman wailing from next door. With all the noise she makes owing to her badly soundproofed room, La-ni has driven away several neighbors. Seungjin isn’t one to back down easily. Their argument intensifies to the point that they have discovered everything about one other’s life through their noises save for their names and faces.

  1. Lee Woo-chul

    Director, Writer

  2. Park So-hee


  3. Kim Ho-jung


My Worst Neighbor

Judul Asli 빈틈없는 사이

Status Rilis

Bahasa Ucapan Korea


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