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Sinopsis Film Tatlumpu Kami Rito (2024)

Tatlumpu Kami Rito

Kilasan Singkat

Ramon (18) woke up in a dark and cramped room. Beside him was an old man named Fredo (63) who was desperately carving at the wall to make a hole. The place they were in was dimly lit, and the only sounds they could hear were their breathing and the scraping noise of the nail against the wall. As they spent long hours making the hole, they also got to know each other and reminisced about their experiences that led them to their current situation. The hole exposed how thirty people managed to fit into a small jail cell behind a bookshelf, unveiling the mystery of the confinement and injustice system.

  1. Kiara Ricamara

    Director, Writer

Status Rilis

Bahasa Ucapan Tagalog



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